International Class Association

X-35 Class Sail Sticker

Handling and registration of sail sticker:
  1. The international class secretary registers the class sail stickers.
  2. The owner contacts the class secretary to obtain sail sticker(s) and his
    number(s). The sail sticker(s) are sent directly to the sailmaker.
  3. Sailmakers are responsible for stitching the sail sticker onto the sail and signing off. (See enclosed drawing). It is important that the sailmaker stamps and signs across the sticker and sail. The signature must be written with a permanent ink pen.
    The class sail sticker numbering system is on a rolling number basis.
When ordering sail stickers please note:

In the first year of racing each yacht is permitted a total of maximum ten (10) sails that require sail sticker according to the class rules.

Each yacht is permitted five (5) new class sails per calendar year (January 1 to December 31) to be used in that year.

If you for example order sail stickers for 2014 sails, the sails shall be produced in 2014 and the sail stickers applied in 2014.

Same procedure shall be followed for each years sails and sail stickers.